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Migrating this blog to Private Octopus

29 Oct 2022

My blog was fist published on WordPress, but I am getting repeated feedback that not having advertisements would be better, and also that a blog on networking really should be accessible on IPv6. So, I am taking the plunge and migrating the blog to the server of my personal company, Private Octopus.

The new blog is published as a static web site, developed using Jekyll. The upside of Jekyll is that publishing as a static web site is much simpler to manage than alternatives that require data base management. The downside is that I have to find a way to accept comments. And I would rather do that without adding a bunch of trackers that come with ready made solutions of the age of surveillance capitalism.

Net result, the comment section is a bit experimental. I am integrating this with Mastodon, because I like the concept of decentralized social networks. The integration is inspired by the work of Yidhra Farm, which I hope I ported correctly.


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