About Private Octopus and Christian Huitema

I left Microsoft in September 2016, after 16 years there, and 40 years in the industry, including Bellcore/Telcordia, and INRIA. Over these years, I have worked as a researcher, software developer, or architect, managed research teams and software development teams, written books and developed standards. I have worked on IPv6, TCP-IP, multimedia transmission over the Internet, security and privacy. I could just retire and enjoy my hobbies, sailing and painting, but I really like working on the Internet.

I chose the name “private octopus” because most of my work in the last three years has been focused on privacy. Specially, I have been working on metadata removal and data minimization at the lowest layers of the TCP-IP stacks. For example, I implemented MAC Address Randomization; in the Windows 10 anniversary edition, developed and standardized the Anonymity Profiles for DHCP Clients, and worked on several other privacy improvement projects for DNS, MDNS, and DNS-SD. As for the pink octopus, I had fun painting it last year.

You can find more information on my old web page, my blog pages, and in the resume published on Linked-In.